about ATI

About ATI

My name is Morten Steno and I have started a danish YouTube channel called “Aquarium Tips & Inspiration” (ATI).  As the name says, it is centered around tips, information and inspiration for aquariums and everything aquatic. It is currently the only danish YouTube channel, that focuses on the aquarium hobby. So if you are interested in aquariums, fish or plants, in one way or another, I hope you will join us every wednesday at 16 pm. You can subscribe right away! 🙂
The first 10 videos are already ready for you now.

This is my small contribution to more Danish content on YouTube, as this is something I think we lack, especially in the aquarium hobby. ??
I hope you agree and want to join us, every wednesday at 16 pm. Remember to subscribe! Thanks, See you 🙂


Presentation video of ATI (danish)

Presentation video of Morten Steno (danish)




Our mission is to use the video medium to educate and to giv tips and inspiration to thoes interested in the aquarium hobby. This will increase the  well-being among the Danish aquarium animals and the success for us keeping them. In an open dialogue with especially viewers, as well as Danish manufacturers, distributors, fish- and petstores, we create a forum and community around the hobby, hoping to make the hobby even bigger in Denmark, to the benefit of all parties.


We are committed to becoming the favorite place to seek knowledge, teaching, tips and inspiration for Danish aquarium hobbyists.


We are ambitious for the Danish aquarium hobby and believe that it can grow even more when all stakeholders gather around it. Quality, credibility and workability are the keystones of everything we do, and we always strive for a high quality of our productions and material. At the same time, it is important for us to meet our viewers at eye level and share experiences, both good and bad so that everyone has the opportunity to learn the most from everything we do.